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Canadian cattle farmers and ranchers recognize climate change as one of the most critical environmental issues of our time. 

That's why we are stepping up, alongside our industry partners, to protect and enhance our environment, support climate action, and ensure sustainability in everything we do.

For generations, beef cattle producers have worked hard to reduce their environmental impacts. Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in how our farmers and ranchers care for their land and animals. We are constantly finding innovative ways to protect our native grasslands, support our wildlife, and preserve our ecosystems because it's part of our Canadian culture. 

Building upon the five-year goals outlined in the 2020-2024 National Beef Strategy, the Canadian beef industry is united in implementing ambitious goals towards 2030, with specific metrics set to measure our progress and ensure we continue to make improvements.

Learn about our 2030 Canadian beef industry goals.

Ahead of
the herd in sustainability.

What is sustainable beef?

Sustainable beef is defined as a socially responsible, economically viable, and environmentally sound product that prioritizes the planet, people, animals, and progress. Beef cattle farmers and ranchers work hard to protect the environment and use fewer resources to feed Canadian families. As stewards of both land and livestock, we look out for our cattle, the grasslands they graze, the fields they inhabit, the watersheds they share, and the wildlife they share their land with. Building on the cattle industry's progress in sustainability is critical to ensure we can continue providing millions of Canadian families with the healthy, nutritious, high-quality beef  that Canadians rely on. 

The five principles of sustainability

Animal health
and welfare
Efficiency and Innovation
People and Community
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